14 Crazy Things That Happened When People Got Blackout Drunk

A lot of us know what it’s like to have a drink or two and start to get slurry, but how many of you have reached that stage where your memory just shuts off?

Because if you have, you remember it. Well, sort of. See, you remember NOT remembering. Because that’s a VERY strange feeling. You could have been walking around, talking, being silly, and your memory just shut off.

That’s what happened to these 14 people and they, thankfully, lived to tell the tales!

1. Jeezus…

Photo Credit: Whisper

2. Almost Whitney Houston’d it…

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. Well, you’re quite the asshole…

Photo Credit: Whisper

4. Hahahaha… oh boy…

Photo Credit: Whisper

5. Yes, sometimes it gets messy AF!

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. That’s bound to happen…

Photo Credit: Whisper

7. Well, that’s a win!

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8. How do you know he’s not…?

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9. At least you’re a happy drunk!

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10. Well, sounds like you spent some more time in South America…

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11. Haha, well, you weren’t wrong!

Photo Credit: Whisper

13. Yeah, I’d worry too!

Photo Credit: Whisper

13. Well… that’s one way to do it!

Photo Credit: Whisper

14. And there ya have it! Our winner!

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Do you “remember” a particularly bad blackout situation? Care to share? We totally understand if you don’t, but it is nice to get these things off of our chests.

Share what you can in the comments!

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20 Funny Memes That Might Put a Smile on Your Face

We’re giving you all dem memes, yo! And there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

So, in the interest of time and getting to the fucking point already… we present 20 memes that are memeing so hard you won’t even know how to meme after you meme these memes.


1. High. Class.

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

2. Look! We found some pussy!

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

3. Come on y’all…

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

4. WUT!??

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

5. Sit. On. Dat. Couch!

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

6. Turn stick?

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

7. We found a “never nude” in the wild!

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

8. Shitting in high carpet

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

9. The only way to drink Miller Lite…

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

10. Data… you bad…

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans


Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

12. O.M.G.

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

13. This is true!

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

14. It’s about damn time!

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

15. Hey, the world wanted it!

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

16. Wait… how did that happen??

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

17. Don’t we all…

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

18. Yeah, and Hermoine married him, so….

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

19. They can earn money, though…

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

20. POO: “Did somebody say coffee?”

Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans

And there you have it! Memes so memeing good, you’ll never meme that hard again. Possibly. We don’t know. We’re just making this shit up as we go along.

Alright, time for you to sound off! Let us know which memes did it for you in the comments!

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15 Tweets About Animals That Might Put a Big Smile on Your Face

It’s not as if you weren’t probably already aware that animals are hilarious. Most of the time it’s unintentional, but sometimes you’d swear they know exactly what they’re doing and how much we’re going to love it.

Proof? These 15 tweets right here!

Enjoy these precious moments. Because they won’t be around for long…

1. You’ll get it!

2. Hi. Bye.

3. Yo yo homie

4. There’s so much that’s right about this… but those cat situps!

5. Cutest. Dog. Ever.

6. Alright, listen here you little butthead…

7. Wiggle wiggle wiggle

8. dat frosh lewk!

9. Donald!

10. Same

11. Fruit of his labor…


13. Da best!

14. This is perfect!

15. BFFS!

Are you still saying “awwwwwwwww”? Because I am.

Alright kids… favorite tweet? Let us know in the comments!

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16 Tweets That Accurately Capture the Struggle of Adulthood

“Youth is wasted on the young.”

I often think about this quote when I ride in to work every day and consider what I’ve done with my life. Because we had all that time! And what did we do with it? Eat gummy fruits and watch reruns? Why wasn’t I investing in stocks?!

Thankfully, there’s Twitter. Where comedians hang out and tweet funny shit that we can all relate to.

Let’s have fun.

16. I scream! And… that’s it. I just scream.

15. MINE!

14. Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? A: An employee, apparently.

13. Drugs help.

12. So much me. So much.

11. I didn’t ask for this!

10. 4 hours at least. 6 hours at the most.

9. What a pain!

8. Why doesn’t anybody stop me from doing these things?!

7. Time works differently now.

6. OMG. This is so true!

5. Too expensive!

4. Can I hire a domineering mom for another 5 years?

3. I read lots of Böökes

2. Stop jumping! I want to get back on my feet!

1. Wait… how much is THAT?

Now that was some good adulthood! I feel MUCH better about ALL my choices.

What do you think? Do you struggle with being all grown up and stuff?

Let us know in the comments!

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13 Memes That Show Us Why Australia Might Be Better Than the USA

Have you ever been down under? Because things there are pretty awesome.

  • First, that accent is amazing… especially when it comes to making people more attractive. It’s like an English accent, but sexier. I get the shivers just thinking about it.
  • Second, the weather and the beaches… wow. Enough said.
  • Third, the way they respond to tragedies actually makes sense! Who would have thunk it?

So, without further ado, here are 14 times Aussies got the upper hand on the United States, and there’s not much we can do about it.

1. Colors equals value with their currency… so no need to look at numbers!

Photo Credit: Whisper

2. Speaking of money, look at all those cute animals on their coins!

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. Two words: Chicken Salt. It’s better than ANY other salt.

Photo Credit: Whisper

4. They never get in conversations like this…

Photo Credit: Whisper

5. Yeah… why is it ROOMmate?

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. No tipping means no worries…

Photo Credit: Whisper

7. Lots of subsidized education means that student loans aren’t NEARLY as bad…

Photo Credit: Whisper

8. Gravy the way gravy should look… brown NOT grey…

Photo Credit: Whisper

9. No fake cheese. No canned cheese. Just REAL cheese.

Photo Credit: Whisper

10. Metric system is soooooooo much better!

Photo Credit: Whisper

11. Hershey’s has ruined chocolate for the US. #truth

Photo Credit: Whisper

12. Aussies know how to Kmart, but our Kmarts don’t even know how to Kmart.

Photo Credit: Whisper

13. Aussie coffee is REALLY good, so none of that shit is needed.

Photo Credit: Whisper

Alright, who wants to go Australia with me? Because I’m getting on the next flight.

Anybody been? Let us know in the comments! We want to commune with all your mindz!

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13 Memes About the White Claw Sensation That Is Sweeping the Nation

Have you heard about the White Claw train?

Oh, you have! So I don’t have to explain it’s basically alcoholic water with some CO2 mixed in? Yeah, we’re putting liquor in water instead of the other way around. That’s what we’ve come to these days because of calories and waist lines and things like that.

Here are 13 delicious tweets about the drink that has no laws…

1. It’s holy AF!

2. No, I don’t want to see your sleeve tattoo

3. If this is your first night at White Claw Club… you have to fight

4. The evolution of trash water…

5. OMFG!

6. Oh… you fancy!

7. Actually, I’d listen!

8. Rachel… come on now…

9. Everybody’s doing it…

10. Blessed be the lord of boozy seltzer…

11. You know what… yes. Accurate.

12. No. Not at all. Ever.

13. Yeah, guys ruin every damn thing…

I think we can all agree it definitely was the summer of White Claw, but will the trend keep going?

Well, they just introduced this…

Why? Because they hate us all, that’s why.

Alright, leave your thoughts in the comments, because we’re sure you have PLENTY…

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15 Memes That Will Look Familiar If You Have Brothers

If you grew up with brothers in your family, you know that things got ROUGH and that your parents were not prepared. Ever.

Thankfully, we have memes that will make all that pain seem like something far, far away…

1. Does this look familiar?

2. Not my problem

3. NOW I want it

4. Run!

5. Not quite…

6. This is all you’re getting

7. How could you?!?!

8. Treated like a king

9. I barely touched you!

10. The way it goes

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11. That’s not happening

12. Well, technically…

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13. We weren’t fighting

14. The answer is NO

15. Power struggle

So… does this bring back good memories or bad ones?

Let us know in the comments! We love reading about people’s pain… good or bad!

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Ryan Reynolds Called His Children ‘Thankless A**Holes’ and That’s Just the Start

Can all celebrities just be like Ryan Reynolds?

He’s handsome (naturally), but he also has one of the best senses of humor I’ve ever seen. And it’s because of that keen intellect and sharp wit that he was able to will the anti-hero Deadpool into box office success.

It’s in that spirit that Reynolds posted this hilarious series of shots from a recent photoshoot for Aviation Gin… and tore his kids a new one in the process.

Just in case you didn’t catch that caption…

Photo Credit: Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

Oh yeah, and The Rock tried to get in on the fun…

Photo Credit: Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

No ROCK! NO! You’re NOT funny. Go home!

But this is nothing new for Reynolds, who trolls his kids and his wife as only an expert smart ass can…

His daughter is gonna be FUNNY when she grows up…

Because, honestly, there’s nobody funnier in the game right now…


And, as mentioned, his wife is the target of his “take no prisoners” humor…

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Happy Birthday, @blakelively.

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

We salute you Ryan! Not because you’re funny. Everybody knew that. But because you take the piss out of your family on the regular.

They’re rich. They can handle it.

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11 Tweets from Women That Might Make Your Week Better

These 11 ladies will show you exactly why Twitter exists because they’re dishing out the comedy one hilarious tweet at a time.

Get ready for the laughs, because they’re coming!

1. Yep, makes sense…

2. Oh snap…

3. I like my version better…

4. We can only hope…

5. Arrrrr you kidding?

6. Same.

7. Something feels tinder…

8. NPR is my jam!

9. OR… she’s an asshole. Either or.

10. Correct diagram is correct!

11. My world will be forever changed…

Oh yes, that was nice. I could use another one of those. How about you?

And which of those were your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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13 Times People Without Kids Posted Hilarious Memes

Hang on…this is sure to spark some debate.

Are you a person without ANY children? Well then… hello. You must be well rested and have plenty of money.

For those who DO have kids and are here to relive those glory days of not being responsible for another human being who clings to you until they don’t need you… HEY! Remember all these things and how awesome they were?

Okay, we kid… kind of. But here are 13 times when the childless among us won big time.

1. Ahhhhh… sleep, glorious sleep!

Photo Credit: Someecards

2. I am responsible for MYSELF, thank you very much!

Photo Credit: Someecards

3. Yeah, and baby otters grow up to be adult otters, which are almost as cute.

Photo Credit: Someecards

4. This is what vacation is for… and grandparents…

Photo Credit: Someecards

5.  You tell ’em Sarah!

Photo Credit: Someecards

6. These are legit kids. Don’t @ me!

Photo Credit: Someecards

7. Responsibility tsunami!

Photo Credit: Someecards

8. Oh yes… this is me. Always. And forever.

Photo Credit: Someecards

9. Yeah, who cares about a pic of a kid? Let’s see those doggos!

Photo Credit: Someecards

10. You know, he’s got a point!

Photo Credit: Someecards

11. Morgan, you’re my new hero. Thank you for this insight!

Photo Credit: Someecards

12. Cats are kids. Don’t @ me.

Photo Credit: Someecards

13. Ahhhh… sweet, delicious, peaceful, serene silence!

Photo Credit: Someecards

So, how do you feel now? Want kids? No???? That’s crazy. I would have thought you’d want them after all!

Well, I guess we can always share our thoughts in the comments, yeah? So do that!

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