A 48 year old man in Ohio…

A 48 year old man in Ohio was arrested because he would not stop cutting the grass at the local public park. The grass was over 12 inches long, so he decided to cut it. He claimed he was just trying to save the city some money.

Investigation Discovery’s ‘the Missing’ Is a Creepy Show That You Should Be Watching

The Investigation Discovery Channel has a lot of great programs, but one of the best is a newer show on the network called The Missing. The show profiles average, everyday people who disappeared without a trace under very mysterious circumstances.

For anyone who loves true crime, this is a really engrossing watch.

To give you a little taste, here are two of the chilling cases profiled in the show:

Tara Calico

Tara Calico disappeared on September 20, 1988, when she left her home in Belen, New Mexico, to take a bike ride and never returned. Calico was 19 years old at the time of her disappearance, and she remains missing more than 30 years later.

Investigators retraced the route of Calico’s regular bike ride and found evidence of a possible struggle and pieces of the young woman’s Walkman. Witnesses also came forward and told police that they saw a young woman riding a bike while a Ford pickup truck followed her on the shoulder, driving 10 mph in a 55 mph zone.

From there, he trail went cold; it seemed as if Tara Calico had just vanished into thin air. Then, in June 1989, a Polaroid photograph was found in a convenience store parking lot in Port St. Joe, Florida. The disturbing photo showed two people in the back of a van with their hands tied and duct tape over their mouths.

The young woman in the photo bore a striking resemblance to Tara Calico. A media firestorm erupted over the mysterious photo. The FBI eventually concluded they did not believe the woman in the photo was Tara Calico, though Scotland Yard reportedly disagreed and thought it was the missing woman.

Calico’s sister Michele Doel believes that people in the pickup that was reportedly following her along the road may have been harassing her and accidentally hit her with the truck and then covered the incident up by getting rid of Calico’s body.

Now, 31 years later, Doel is still searching for the truth about what happened to her sister Tara, and she has vowed never to stop until she finds out what really took place that day in 1988.

Michele has been searching for her sister Tara Calico for 30 years. Watch The Missing full episode ➡ https://crimefeed.id/2Sm07GS

Posted by Investigation Discovery on Saturday, July 27, 2019

Matthew Weaver

The strange case of Matthew Weaver has perplexed his family, friends, and investigators since the 21-year-old man was last seen on a hiking trail in Malibu, California, on August 10, 2018.

Early the next morning, around 1:30 am, several hikers made calls to 911 saying they heard people screaming. California Highway Patrol officers also heard screams and might have heard someone yell, “He’s got a gun!”

Matthew Weaver was reported missing, and his car was discovered abandoned near a hiking trail in Malibu, but police could find no trace of him.

Investigators used pings from Snapchat to figure out where Weaver was in the hours leading up to his disappearance. Weaver picked up a female friend the evening of August 9 and dropped her off at home in the early morning hours of August 10. Weaver then took a Snapchat photo at 5:45 am in a remote road in the Santa Monica Mountains before he apparently entered a hiking trail.

Several hours later, Weaver texted the friend he’d been with the night before and told her something “crazy” was happening and that he wanted to talk “while I have the chance.” After that final ominous text, all contact with Matthew Weaver ceased.

Weaver’s stepmother Brooke Tipton said that drone photos were used to find Weaver’s baseball hat and a white t-shirt believed to have been worn by Weaver. The shirt appeared to have blood on it. Tipton added that some of Weaver’s friends said that he had hurt his head in the days before his disappearance and that he was bleeding. Some speculate that this may have contributed to his disappearance, as he might have been suffering from a concussion and thus been confused.

But Weaver remains missing.

Dive into all 10 episodes of The Missing HERE and explore these fascinating, true, and incredibly disturbing cases.

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An Oklahoma Man Was Arrested in Possession of Stolen Vehicle, Rattlesnake, Whiskey, Gun, and Uranium

Police say a recent traffic stop in Oklahoma resulted in the arrest of a person possessing a rattlesnake, a gun, an open container of whiskey and a rod of uranium.

Police pulled over the black Ford Explorer Stephen Jennings was driving for expired tags. Jennings was eventually charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, transporting an open container of liquor and – surprise face – driving on a suspended license.

Evidently, Jennings isn’t the sort of man who believes in carrying proof of insurance either. But he is the kind of guy that will tell a cop about a handgun in the vehicle, so there’s that.

The gun was located by officers in the glove compartment and an opened, yet almost full, bottle of whiskey was procured from the space between the driver and passenger seat.

A female passenger was also detained after law enforcement ran her name. Rachel Rivera, a felon, was charged with possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.

After the arrest of both driver and passenger, police were impounding the vehicle when they noticed a terrarium.

Photo Credit: Goodfreephotos.com

Investigators observed that the terrarium held a Timber rattlesnake. They also observed the terrarium had been placed next to some powdered uranium.

A hazard materials company was dispatched, at which time they determined the uranium to be emitting only low levels of radiation and not past the legal limits of possession to warrant another charge.

That’s right. There is a limit to the amount of uranium you are allowed to carry.

Actually, let me rephrase: beneath a certain radiation threshold, YOU CAN BUY IT ON AMAZON.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Jennings told arresting officers he was planning on making a “super snake” with the material. Then he said he was kidding. He was collecting scrap metal and pulled it out of an instrument used to detect radiation.

And the rattlesnake? Yeah, that’s not illegal either. At the time of possession, it was rattlesnake season in Oklahoma, and Jennings had the proper hunting license.

Personally, I’m half-way cheering for this guy. To look back on life and know you lived it on your own terms? Just priceless.

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A New TV Show Called ‘Murder House Flip’ Is like ‘Fixer Upper’ but for Crime Scenes

True crime fans, this is for you!

For me, this show is very exciting. I’ve been seeking out true crime locations since I was in high school, and if I’m in a new city I always try to visit the sites of infamous crimes.

Messed up? Maybe. But moving on…

A new tv show called Murder House Flip is coming soon, and true crime fans across the land are jumping for joy…as morbid as that sounds. The show will air on the mobile-streaming service Quibi that launches in April and, just like the title says, will focus on makeovers of homes where murders took place.

Like I said, a true crime fan’s dream come true.

The episodes, like all programs on Quibi, will be short, about 10 minutes in length. The show comes from CSI producer Josh Berman, author Katherine Ramsland, and Chris King, producer of Penny Dreadful.

The show will feature a “colorful cast of forensic specialists, spiritual healers and high-end renovation experts,” according to a press release. “[They’ll] uncover the crimes, shocking secrets and scandalous history of the homes.”

Elyse Seder of Sony Pictures Television said, “We are thrilled to bring this one-of-a-kind series to life and dive into a world that combines America’s two biggest TV obsessions: true crime and home renovation.”

I can’t wait to see what locations are chosen. Infamous crimes? Little-known murder mysteries? Whatever it is, Murder House Flip promises to be a welcome addition to the endless wave of true crime shows currently on the airwaves.

I have to say I’m thrilled to see how this show will turn out!

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15 Lawyers Share the Worst Way They’ve Seen Someone Screwed over in Court

They may not be able to reveal every detail, but these lawyers have seen a thing or two in court (and outside it) when it comes to people being willing to throw each other under the bus. Of course, everyone has their reasons…

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether they’re good enough.

Because these 15 stories will really make you think twice about who may know where your bodies are buried.

15. When you show up and try the same story on the same judge…nothing goes your way.

Not my case, but my dad’s. He was the equivalent of a Public Defender decades ago. There was this guy that would get caught for being drunk in public, public lewdness, etc. EVERY weekend. He seemed to draw the same judges and was pretty well known to everyone in the courthouse as an absolute lost cause. One of the “regular” judges had him appear in his court again. The judge is ready to give him a prison sentence because he was driving a car this time, but the guy starts crying that he finally got a job out of town and was trying to turn his life around. Judge tells him as long as he never makes a mistake “in my town again” he would just drop the charges.

Well sure as hell the guy shows up the following Monday. Same judge. Driving drunk AGAIN. My dad now has his case. The judge tells him he gave him his final chance, to which the guy sobs and replies “I was leaving town, your Honor. But my friends decided to throw me a going-away party.” The judge was not amused. My dad had to do everything he could to not laugh.

TL;DR- Perpetual drunk that drove drunk gets a chance to leave town and not face charges, gets drunk at a going-away party in his honor, drives, goes to jail. Faced the same judge both times.

14. Reason 10005 why you don’t lie to your lawyer.

Too many criminal client situations to count of them screwing themselves over. One of the very few family law cases I handled as a young atty sticks out to me though.

Young woman and Young man have Child. Young woman seeks divorce from young man because he enjoys the “thug life”, he had recently been arrested and charged for possession w/ int to distribute meth (felony) and in possession of a firearm (unlawful carry). Young man doesn’t like her leaving him. He hires a local big name top divorce atty (granted, very rural area). Gets temp divorce order entered saying she can not have overnight guests of the opposite sex (common in rural conservative areas, think it’s mostly a thing of the past in more urban places).

Young woman starts seeing someone new. Young man is very upset about this. Has his fancy lawyer ask for a hearing accusing her of violating court order and seeking full custody, on top of atty fees. Young woman, on advice from a mutual friend, hires me for this hearing. I sit down with opposing counsel, and she basically tries to strong arm me w/ her experience and lays out egregious terms…mother must not only give up primary custody, but must have visitation with a supervisor and pay child support and atty fees. She knows I’m a new baby atty in town (fairly certain I had been licensed for less than a year). I balk and she says she’ll see us in court.

I go into hearing with a copy of his probation arrangement on his Poss w/ Intent to sell & unlawful carry. He hasn’t told his atty about this, and she is unaware. She calls him up establishes how my client had her new bf over on x,y,z nights. Judge is VERY conservative, not pleased.

Then, opposing counsel passes the witness. I ask him if he has a job. No. What do you do for money? Things here and there. Oh? Ms. opposing counsel is awfully expensive…Do you sell meth?”,”…What?”, “Have you ever sold drugs to make ends meet?”, “Uhhh no.” Introduce a copy of his guilty plea and straight probation sentencing. Judge is now staring daggers at him. I lean over to my client sitting next to me, and whisper, “if you took a drug test today, be honest, would you be completely clean?” “Yes.”

I ask the Young man, “When was the last time you did meth”, atty objects, but Judge overrules…I know this judge will drug test people on the spot as he is also the misdemeanor drug court judge. “It’s been years, I’m clean.”, “So, if you were tested, you’d be clean?” “Yes.” Opposing counsel asks the same of my client, we agree. Judge has them both tested. He tests positive for meth. My client is clean.

Judge denies his motion, and asks me to send in new temp orders where young man is required to maintain employment and start paying child support and places him on supervised visits.

Icing on the cake, opposing counsel actually calls me and leaves me a voicemail congratulating me on, and I quote, “handing her ass to her for the first time in a long time.”

13. People who mess with the elderly have no souls.

I’m currently representing a sweet old lady on a case. I’ll be sparse in the details in case anyone figures out who I am.

Long story short, this lady’s neighbour convinces her that her house is basically unsellable, that her house requires all sorts of repairs, the repairs to the house would bankrupt her, and that she should just sell the house. To him.

He shows up at her house the next day with documents to sign. She has no idea what’s going on. Doesn’t read anything (actually has an eye condition) and signs everything.

When she finally sees a lawyer to close the deal, he says wtf you can’t do this. You see, the price of the transaction was about 36% of what the house is actually worth and there weren’t any repairs that needed to be done that would justify the price. Not kidding, it was stuff like fixing a faucet in the bathroom.

Also she didn’t understand that she would have nowhere to live afterwards. Old lady thought she could just stay in the house until she died.

To make matters worse, she’s living off a modest pension and the other side is suing for the house. They’re essentially trying to get her to cave because her legal fees are getting exorbitant.

I hate people.

Edit: to answer a few questions:

We do have a lot in our favour, but there are a lot of steps to get to trial. By the time we get there, she’s going to have to spend a lot of money. Money she doesn’t have.
She has an eye condition (uveitis), but it isn’t bad enough to qualify as a defence (non est factum). At the time she was driving.

She’s a terrible witness. Her evidence is all over the place. When she was examined (deposed for you Americans) she denies being taken advantage of. Not great for our position.
In Ontario, where I practice, contracts for the purchase of real estate don’t have to be notarized.

Edit #2: thanks for all the interest everyone! Just thought I’d provide a quick update – we literally just settled this afternoon, so my client can live in peace. In a little more debt than before, but nothing that will bankrupt her. Thanks for all the love. ❤❤❤

12. You can’t expect to win if you don’t show up!

Not someone else, but himself.

The guy and his lawyer missed court appearances, sometimes one of them, sometimes both, with little or no warning and with suspect excuses. It started getting ridiculous and we kept pointing out holes in his story, like he said he left for another country without knowing about the appearance, but his lawyer stood in court and said he told him beforehand. Or all of a sudden he was in a former Soviet Bloc country for fertility treatments and it would ruin everything if he came back now. Or when he was visiting dying relatives on another continent. Or he was going to the airport when he had to rush to the hospital and showed us an admitting form in another language that we translated – it showed he was there but also that he was discharged. He also tried firing his attorney and saying he needed more time to brief a new attorney – who at the next appearance would say he hasn’t been able to talk to his client so he needs to adjourn. Or that he hasn’t been paid and his client is basically an ass and he needs to be relieved.

We kept saying to the judge he was doing it to stall but the judge kept giving him the benefit of the doubt. We even showed him other cases where he skipped appearances and the judges threatened sanctions. Until finally he didn’t show up for an appearance where the judge had specifically told him, I don’t care if you’re meeting with the Pope, I’m ordering you to be here. Boom, his answer was stricken, default judgment in full was granted to our side. Neither he nor his lawyer showed up for the hearing where the judge determined exactly how much of a judgment we should get, and then had the nerve to file a motion that the judgment was unfair because he didn’t get a chance to dispute anything.

11. Sometimes honesty just isn’t the most prudent policy.

Sitting waiting for my client and the judge is giving a mass colloquy for an alternative program on a DUI. Basically probation.

Question – Has anyone consumed alcohol or taken drugs in the last 24 hours?

Obvious answer aside, one dude proudly raises his hand – “I smoked some dope last night…”

He did not get probation.

10. This is a stone cold response to being fired.

I am being sparse on details here due to confidentiality, but:

I had a client who was accused of a very nasty sexual offence. He had an alibi–he was at work, where he was the boss. He had an employee who could absolutely vouch for his being there. I talked to the employee, employee confirmed this.

It gets closer to the trial, and around the time when I need to send in an “alibi notice”, which is advance notice to the Crown so that they can investigate the alibi and determine whether or not it’s true. But, I am being careful, so I call the employee up again.

Turns out my client fired him in the interim, and so the employee quite candidly tells me, “Oh, yeah, he was definitely at work. But that’s not what I’ll say in court. Fuck that guy, he is going down.”

I did not call him as a witness, or file the alibi notice.

Still won the trial, but if I hadn’t thought to call the guy, or if he’d been less candid, my client would have been fucked hard. Sex offender registry, jail time, the works. Completely innocent.

9. How dumb do you have to be to think that normal people are going to count this in your favor?

Not a lawyer but I sat on the jury of a man who was accused of molesting his 10 year old niece. He elected to testify in his own defense and his defense was: “I did it, but it was her idea.” It was his third felony strike so he will be spending (with luck) the rest of his life in prison.

8. Remember, social media is forever.

Well, not my story, but a prior boss’s story:

They had a drunk-driver-kills-a-car-worth-of-people case at the time when they were a general practitioner. My boss was representing the family that got hit (one where the two kids and the wife had died, but the father had not) and wanted the college guy’s drunk-driving skin to be mounted on a wall.

This was back before Facebook was commonly used in Court proceedings and before tons of people realized that shit is too great for any attorney worth their weight in salt to pass up.

So, the kid (drunk driving college kid) had managed to get the judge’s sympathy during the first part of the hearing by saying he was sorry, haunted, never going to drink again, this was going to ruin his life, etc. The judge seemed to really be eating it up.

Then comes my boss and immediately burns this kid’s remorse to the ground by showing numerous Facebook statuses and photos of them binge drinking, partying, and even joking about driving drunk from the date of the accident up until a night ago. The kid looked like he was being forced to swallow hot coals and the judge was absolutely livid.

Needless to say, the kid had to do way more than just apologize and be remorseful after that.

7. I mean sure, you had to die first, but who’s laughing now?

I can’t remember the specifics of the story, but my mom is a lay magistrate but was working for a domestic violence service at one stage and had a client who was terminally ill and she advised them to change their will so their (possibly separated) abusive partner wouldn’t be entitled to anything when they passed away. Client passed away, abusive partner stormed into the law firm dealing with the will demanding to know where their share of the finances etc were and was simply told they’d been written out of the will and the case couldn’t be discussed with them.

ETA: best way to screw someone over rather than the worst, but hey

6. Proof that some people have zero shame.

Not a lawyer but this story always gets me. My biological grandmother died 20 years ago of ovarian cancer, she left all her money, trusts, bonds to my grandfather to use (while alive) and disperse (after death). My grandfather remarried something like 15 years ago to my step-grandma. My grandfather ended up dying first a few years back.

My step aunt is a greedy bitch who lives on the opposite side of the country, she’s lived off of her mother and my grandfather for all of her life. She’d come over and take them on “vacation” where she’d use their money to buy herself things and get a free skiing trip about 8x a year.

After my grandfather passed, my step-grandma had to move where her children live to get care for dementia. My step-aunt has access to not only her own mother’s estate but my grandfather’s as well to take care of her needs.

That wasn’t enough.

She decided to try and sue my dad and uncle for their dead biological mother’s estate.

My dad is bilaterally paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

My uncle is a triple bypass survivor with a pacemaker and multiple stints. Both are on fixed disability income.

The court date came and I literally wheeled my dad in while my uncle walked with a cane.

My step-aunt is entirely able bodied and rolling in the millions my step grandma and grandfather worked their whole lives to earn.

The judge took one look at the whole picture and she was absolutely denied access to my biological grandmothers estate. We were there for less than an hour.

5. They must have thought you were a pretty bad lawyer.

A witness for the plaintiff in a civil suit, who was a co-worker of the plaintiff testified very strongly against the company and in favor of the plaintiff. I questioned her about bias toward the plaintiff, if they knew eachother well, were friends, etc. She said, no just friendly co-workers, “work friends” at best. I pinned her to it.

When I got a chance to cross-examine the plaintiff, she had no choice but to burn her witnesses credibility, because no only were they very close friends, but they had become sisters in law just a few years before. (no, they did not have the same last name or anything, but I had done my homework).

I still don’t get why people want to fight small bias, by destroying their credibility, but … it happens more than you’d think.

4. It’s really too bad that this guy decided to procreate.

More of a case of screwing himself over, but here goes. This was a case another prosecutor in my office had a few years back. 30 year old defendant was charged with sexual assault of a child after he got his girlfriend’s 14 year old sister pregnant. She actually kept the baby so the police just waited and got a paternity test. No surprise, defendant was the father.

Defendant wanted probation; prosector refused to offer it. He decided to plead guilty and have a jury trial on punishment (here in Texas, you can choose to have the jury set punishment). Evidence mostly proceeded as expected. The victim testified to having consensual (aside from not being old enough to consent) sex with the defendant, getting pregnant, etc.. Paternity test introduced.

Defendant took the stand. His version of events was that he snuck into victim’s room at night, covered her mouth, and held her down while he forcibly had sex with her against her will. It seemed like his own lawyer had no idea that’s the story he settled on.

The jury deliberated about fifteen minutes before returning a verdict of 17 years (the maximum possible as charged was 20). When interviewed by the attorneys afterwards, one of them said they decided on 17 years so the defendant would never forget the age of consent in Texas again.

3. He just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Someone I knew had a pro deo case where she had to defend a person who had been charged with a criminal offense (don’t know what, confidential and whatnot).

Even though the police and DA could pretty much pinpoint the crime to her client, there was no evidence to tie him to the crime, circumstancial at best.

She had instructed him to shut up and let her do the talking during the trial, as from experience the client sometimes does not know how to answer a question properly. She pleads and can show that the court has nothing on her client, she feels that for once, a pro deo case is going her way.

After her plea, the judge thanks her for her plea and turns to her client. He asks if the client had something to add to the plea. Client looks at her, back at the judge, tears well up in his eyes and he blurts out: “I’m so sorry, I’ll never do it again!”

She threw her notes and everything else she had in her hands at the client (now convict) apparently. She basically got screwed by her own client, who screwed himself even worse.

Edit: “pro deo” is the old term in our jurisdiction, same connotation as “pro bono”.

2. Talk about dropping the hammer!

I was a very new lawyer, with no bankruptcy experience. A partner sent me to bankruptcy court to try to make a claim as a creditor related to a $50 million building that was being sold.

Time and lack of knowledge will prevent me from accurately describing everything that went down but I will do my best.

The Court handled my client’s claim very quickly and easily at first. The Court ruled we were not a creditor because our claim was against a tenant, which was correct. (Note, we had purchased the claim from someone merely to try to somehow wedge our way into buying the property – which was very transparent to the Court.)
So I could just set back for the remainder of the hearing and watch the 2 premier bankruptcy attorneys go at it. One represented the debtor and the owner of the building; the other represented a secured creditor with a lien against the building

They absolutely hated each other on a personal level, and were arguing with great venom about the plan to sell the real estate.

There was a small break in the action while the judge took care of another matter.

When we came back, the secured creditor attorney told the Court the following:

His client (the creditor) had purchased controlling interest in the debtor (the owner of the building).
He had been directed to fire the other attorney.
He had been directed to withdraw the motion to sell the real estate.
He then did both there in the Courtroom.
I have practiced for almost 3 decades. It was the most bad ass thing I had ever seen, and was particularly noteworthy because the courtroom was packed with other attorneys watching and those 2 attorneys absolutely hated each other.

1. Some people don’t deserve forgiveness or grace.

Not a lawyer but this happened to my family. My husbands kids asked us to fight for full custody after years of systematic abuse from their mom.

My stepdaughter was sexually assaulted and mom decided to marry a guy who was best friends with the guy who assaulted her. Mom never told us what happened never got her counseling. Never reported it to the police.

In mediation she brought up a conversation I had with her which she denied ever happening until then. She started saying lie after lie and all my husband had to say was “my wife had that conversation with you to explain how uncomfortable my daughter is living with this man because he is connected to her sexual assault “

The mediator was not amused. She said “you have someone living in your house who is connected to your daughters assault. Your relationship with your children is broken”

She spent the rest of the session sobbing and signed away custody because this was just the tip of the iceberg that we had on her and she knew it.

Hearing her sobbing made me so happy after all she put these kids through. I had to walk my step daughter into the police station to report her sexual assault.

I usually don’t want people to suffer but after warning her this guy was coming between her and her kids and then her lying about the context of that conversation ill make an exception. I tried to stop her from the chain of events that lead us to court and she tried to use it against me.

It’s hard to believe that people out there can be that petty, but the proof is in the pudding, I guess!

Would you be willing to sell someone out if the price was right? Let us know in the comments!

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Take a Look at Photos of the Real Serial Killers in ‘Mindhunter’ and the Actors Who Portrayed Them

The second season on the hit show Mindhunter dropped on Netflix in August and fans are pretty happy about how the new episodes turned out.

The show is based on true events surrounding how the FBI established their behavioral science unit in the 1970s to study serial killers and other murderers. In real life, as in the show, the investigators interviewed serial killers to try to learn how their minds worked, back when “serial killer” was a new concept.

Here are photos of the real-life killers and the actors who portray them in the show.

1. David Berkowitz: “The Son of Sam” – Played by Oliver Cooper

Photo Credit: Netflix

2. Charles Manson – Played by Damon Herriman

Photo Credit: Netflix

3. Charles “Tex” Watson – Played by Christopher Backus

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Away from Manson, Tex Watson’s ambitions were growing. “I decided to call up an old girl friend… Her name was Luella {a pseudonym} and I'd gotten to know her casually while Rich and I were still living at the house on the beach. During the week we were waiting for our army physicals, he'd taken me to see her once and… I felt she'd been especially friendly to me that day. Right now I needed a friend. I got a lover. The first time I hitchhiked over to her apartment I ended up moving in. Luella… didn't have a real job; she kept herself going by dealing a little grass and LSD among her friends – nothing big time but enough to get by. She had an old Hollywood-Spanish apartment with eucalyptus trees all around and a patio that overlooked the driveway to an exclusive private club for professional magicians and entertainment stars. Sometimes we'd sunbathe on the deck, drinking beer and smoking grass while we watched all the big limousines drive up for parties, dumping out beautiful people whom we could never quite recognize. It was an easy life that Luella and I fell into. Combining her contacts with mine, we found we could sell a lot more dope than she'd been doing on her own…" It certainly sounds like Watson thought of himself as a drug dealer. In just a few months, he and ‘Louella’ (real name Rosina Kroner) would aim for a big score, with disastrous effects.

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Photo Credit: Netflix

4. Dennis Rader: The BTK Killer – Played by Sonny Valicenti

Photo Credit: Netflix

5. William “Junior” Pierce: Played by Michael Filipowich

6. William Henry Hance: Played by Corey Allen

Photo Credit: Instagram,fathergore

7. Elmer Wayne Henley, Jr.: Played by Robert Aramayo 

Photo Credit: Netflix

8. Ed Kemper: Played by Cameron Britton

Photo Credit: Netflix

9. Wayne Williams: Played by Christopher Livingston

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#waynewilliams #theatlantachildmurders

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Photo Credit: Netflix

10. Paul Bateson: Played by Morgan Kelly

Photo Credit: Netflix

I don’t know about you, but I’m really hoping that Mindhunter keeps going.

Have you watched season two yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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A Recent Study Shows That More Guns Lead to More Violent Crime

A recent statistical analysis of 33 U.S. states might be a game-changer for the argument that more guns on the street would help reduce violent crime.

The report will likely come into play as the Supreme Court gets ready to hear arguments in a case lobbying for the constitutional right for Americans to carry guns outside the home.

The debate over whether more guns leads to more or less crime harkens back to the 1998 book More Guns, Less Crime, by John Lott Jr. of the Crime Prevention Research Center. Since its publication, 11 states have loosened their right-to-carry laws, and more than 30 states allow the open carrying of a gun with no permit necessary.

In those same states, violent crime increased 13%-15% in the decade after right-to-carry laws were adopted.

Which is one why, argues the study’s lead author John Donohue, adopting them could be a “dangerous mistake to make.”

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“It just another day.. and I stand behind you in line at the store with a smile on my face…and a gun in my purse and you are none the wiser. You have no clue that I carry because I have my gun concealed, yet you are safer for having me next to you. I will not shoot you. My gun won't pull it's own trigger. It is securely holstered. It can't just go off by itself. However, rest assured that if a lunatic walks into the store and pulls out a rifle and starts shooting innocent people, I will draw my pistol and protect myself and my family.. and because your next to me, I will protect you and your family. I may freeze up, I may piss my pants, I will be terrified just as you. I may even get shot before I can pull the trigger…but, I won't die helpless on the floor begging for my life or my families life without trying to protect us. I won't be that victim. I REFUSE to be that victim. No one will take my life or those around me without me fighting back. As for you, I don't ask you to carry a gun. If you are not comfortable, then please don't. There are some people that feel guns kill people.. I’m here to tell you people kill people. I choose to not be a HELPLESS victim. This world is ugly and there is evil in the world and if evil has a gun, I want one too… because that’s MY RIGHT and I pray that day NEVER HAPPENS but if that day did, you’ll be blessed to have me by you.” #concealedcarry #glock43 #myright #secondamendmentrights #gunsafe #concealcarry #countrygirl #SelfDefense #RefuseToBeAVictim #Glock #9mm #KeepCalmAndCarry #defendthesecond #2A #AllGunLawsAreInfringements #righttocarry #ihavetherighttoprotectmyself #DontBeAStatistic #Southcarolina #ThisIsMySafety

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“The important takeaway is that more guns seem to lead to more crime. So it is probably wise to think in terms of appropriate controls and it would be very unwise to push the 2nd amendment too far.”

The team behind the study looked at violent crime rates in all states, controlling for policing, incarceration rates, poverty, and other demographic issues to estimate the impact of the right-to-carry laws on the books.

3.1 million people were victims of violent crimes in 2017, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and jailing everyone responsible would double the prison population in most states.

Donahue says that even he and his team were surprised at what the data presented.

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"I stand behind you in line at the store with a smile on my face…and a gun under my shirt and you are none the wiser, yet you are safer for having me next to you. I won't shoot you. My gun won't pull it's own trigger. It is securely holstered with the trigger covered. It can't just go off. However, rest assured that if a lunatic walks into the grocery store and pulls out a rifle, I will draw my pistol and protect myself and my family and therefore protect you and your family. I may freeze up. I may piss my pants. I may get shot before I can pull the trigger…but, I won't die in a helpless blubbering heap on the floor begging for my life or my child's life. I won't be that victim. I choose not to be. As for you, I don't ask you to carry a gun. If you are not comfortable, then please don't. But I would like to keep my right to choose to not be a helpless victim. There is evil in the world and if evil has a gun, I want one too…” -unknown . . #SelfDefense #RefuseToBeAVictim #Glock #GlockPerfection #glock43x #9mm #therearemanylikeitbutthisoneismine #KeepCalmAndCarry #defendthesecond #edccarry #2A #AllGunLawsAreInfringements #righttocarry #ihavetherighttoprotectmyself #DontBeAStatistic #ConcealedCarry #Texas #ThisIsMySafety

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“It was really only after we had 13 more years of data and 11 additional adoptions of RTC laws that a clear picture emerged that RTC laws increase violent crime.”

And not by a little – by a lot.

In 23 of the 31 states with right-to-carry laws, violent crime increased by as much as 24% (PA) in the last decade.

Incidents of gun violence related to road rage disputes, bar fights, police shootings of armed civilians, and everyday disagreements explain increases, as the study did not find a statistically significant change in rates of homicide or property crimes.

Other researchers, like Daniel Webster of the Center for Gun Policy and Research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told Buzzfeed News he’s thrilled to have more numbers.

“I have read the study and consider it to be the most rigorous of studies of right-to-carry laws to date. This is a very important piece of research.”

Mr. Lott – the author of the original pro-gun argument – is keen to dismiss the emerging numbers.

“Basically, poor areas are more likely to be affected by violent crime, so lowering barriers to permits has a bigger effect in states that do so.”

The insinuation (without evidence) is that the study didn’t take such things into account. He also complained that other studies that support his own findings have “gotten no news coverage.”

Criminologist Philip Cook from Duke University, though, argues that new studies often trump old research and topple old data. That’s just how science often works.

“The scientific process does not always get the answer right the first time, but if it’s working well, then important findings are reviewed and tested and the truth becomes clearer.”

The new study, which encompasses 33 states and an extra decade of data, should be the beacon going forward – unless another study as rigorous effectively challenges it sometime in the future.

Until then, these numbers should give everyone – including the Supreme Court – something to think about.

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Here Are 10 of the Best True Crime Documentaries You Can Stream Right Now

I never get tired of watching true crime documentaries…and I have a feeling you’re a lot like me. That’s why we need articles like this – I know you’re looking for new ones to watch, just like yours truly.

Here are 10 solid, disturbing true crime docs that you should give a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

1. The Seven Five (Netflix)

You want corruption? THIS is corruption. This film tells the story of New York City’s 75th police precinct during the 1980s. Scary and disturbing.

2. Amanda Knox (Netflix)

The infamous Amanda Knox murder case in Italy put the young woman into the spotlight for life. This film traces the crime, the trial, and her life.

3. The Central Park Five (Amazon Prime)

The attack on a jogger in Central Park in New York in 1989 outraged the nation and five young innocent boys were falsely accused of the heinous crime.

4. Long Shot (Netflix)

Juan Catalan had to fight desperately to maintain his freedom after he was wrongly accused of a murder. The key to his defense: a baseball game. This one has to be seen to be believed.

5. Killing For Love (Hulu)

Elizabeth Haysom’s parents were found dead in their Virginia home in 1985. Suspicion immediately fell on her and her boyfriend, Jens Söring. A twisted tale of love, family, and deceit.

6. Brother’s Keeper (Netflix)

Acclaimed filmmakers Bruce Sinofsky and Joe Berlinger made this disturbing documentary about an elderly man accused of killing his ill brother in rural New York. Family secrets abound in this film.

7. Without Charity (Amazon Prime)

Three construction workers found dead in Indiana sets off a complex series of events that lead back to a woman named Charity Payne, who may have played a role in the crime.

8. Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee (Netflix)

Software pioneer and millionaire John McAfee reinvented himself in Belize and became the leader of a militia before he was suspected of the murder of a neighbor.

9. I Love You, Now Die (HBO)

A long-distance relationship built around text messaging ultimately ended in the death of Conrad Roy, the young man in the love story. The woman, Michelle Carter, was suspected of encouraging Roy to commit suicide, setting the scene for a dramatic, real-life courtroom drama.

10. Out of Thin Air (Netflix)

Two men disappeared in Iceland in 1974 and six people eventually confessed to murder and were sent to prison. Years later, new evidence casts huge doubt on whether the suspects were guilty. Riveting stuff.

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Cops Share the Worst Excuses They’ve Heard That Actually Turned out to Be True

Cops have to deal with a lot of BS on a daily basis AND they get lied to constantly, so you know they’ve heard it all before.

But, apparently, sometimes those excuses that sound like total bullsh*t turn out to be true.

Here are some police officers spilling the beans.

1. Still a mystery

“Had a Domestic in Progress I responded to during Christmas Day and the excuse for them fighting was “We’re not mad at each other, we’re just upset because we wanted to surprise the kids for Christmas, we got some Deer, dressed them up, now they’re destroying our house.”

Turns out there was literally three fully grown white-tailed deer in the house somehow dressed with full bell harnesses like Santa’s reindeer.

I had to call the Game Wardens down who were then able to help me remove the deer from the property without injury to us or them.

How they managed to get the Deer and dress them up is still a mystery to this day.”

2. Because he could

“One of the funnier ones that I remember. We got a call for a kid (he was 18 and a gang member) brandishing a firearm. He had pulled up his shirt pretending to brandish a firearm to intimidate somebody. The person calling only saw a holster. After we got there, he kept telling us it wasn’t a gun but a dildo. We took him down at gunpoint and he was right. He was walking around with a holstered, black dildo. Why? Because he could. Haha”

3. Light him up

“One night I’m out working, and as I go down the street (fairly nice middle class area surrounded by some high crime neighborhoods) around midnight I see a dude on a bike, no lights on, pulling a lawnmower behind him on a rope.

I immediately flip a 180 and light him up. Recognize the guy as a local homeless dude with some prior burglary/theft arrests. I walk up and just open with “Dude, come on…”

Guy holds his hands out and swears he didn’t steal the lawnmower. Claims someone just gave it to him. I ask who, and he doesn’t know a name. So I demand he tell me where to find said lawnmower owner. The directions he gave were literally “go that way a bit, then right at a stop sign, and take one of those side streets that way. It’s about halfway down a street, at a house that has a pickup and a car in the driveway.”

By this point backup had arrived, so I leave him in the presence of backup, and drive off in search of his mythical donor of lawn equipment. I made a decent guess as to the first turn, then flipped a mental coin as to which of the next three side streets he would have gone down. I pick the second of the three streets, and start down it. Every other fucking house has a truck and car combo…there must have been a dozen houses that matched the description.

Halfway down, I see an average looking house and go “ehh, I’ll try this one”. After all, it’s midnight and this is a wild goose chase. Go up, ring the doorbell…middle aged dude comes to the door. “Hello sir, have you been giving away lawnmowers to random sketchy homeless guys at midnight today?”

Yes. As a matter of fact, he had. Homeowner goes on to complain to me that his wife was upset as his continual inability to get the mower running, and had ordered him with some severity to remove the mower from the house or face the consequences. He pushed it to the curb right as homeless guy rode by, and the latter had asked and received his permission to take it.

I drove back in shock and amazement. Apologized to homeless guy, and sent him on his way. A few months later we ran into each other at a nearby gas station, and he told me it turned out just to need a new spark plug, and that he had gotten it running again, before going on to sell it for $150 to someone.

For years after, whenever I would run into him, he would always make sure to remind me of the money he made from selling that “stolen” lawnmower…LOL.”

4. Remember to take your insulin

“Not really an excuse, but shocked the shit out of me. I’ve always been told a diabetic with high blood sugar acts the same as someone who is drunk.

Get a call for a car all over the road, hitting trash cans on the side of the road and what not. We stop the car and get the driver out. He’s slurring his speech like no other, can’t maintain his balance to save his life. Fails all the sobriety tests, but blew 0’s on the PBT. He denied drinking and swears up and down he didn’t do any drugs, never mentions the diabetes.

We’re all scratching our heads and I remember the blood sugar thing. Call medical to our location and sure as shit his blood sugar was 550, and he finally remembers that he hadn’t taken insulin in 8 hours.”

5. Burst implants

“My dad is an officer and he pulled someone over for speeding and running a red light and they said their breast implant burst. He called ems to rush them to the hospital and turned out it did and it’s actually very dangerous if they leak.”

6. Weird

“Was doing a tour as an MP (not my normal job, but whole other story), and we got called on a domestic. At the house, there is this huge corn-fed guy about 6’4″ and 275, and a petite Asian girl about 4″10″ and 95 pounds soaking wet. The whole house was in disarray, and the call had come because of yelling heard by the neighbors.

She was crying and talking in an Asian language that none of us understood, and kept gesturing toward her huge husband. He wasn’t talking. We wrap him up, take him to the station, and are trying to interview him, but he’s not saying much. We intend to charge him with domestic assault. We notice somewhere along the way that he has horrible welts all along the backs of his hands and along his forearms.

It took a lot of prying, but we finally got out of him that his wife would beat him with wire coat hangers when she was mad, and apparently that was pretty often. He was too embarrassed to admit to anybody that he was being abused by his wife who was less than a third of his size. We finally got it straightened out, turned her over to the local police, and barred her from base. Hopefully the guy got the help he needed.”

7. No ID

“I used to work as a military police officer. I was working at the main gate one night and this guy tried to come on base but he didn’t have any ID other than a drivers license so I couldn’t let him on. The guy told me that a general said he could come on but he didn’t have any proof of that and he didn’t know what the generals name was.

It was also super late at night and he didn’t seem to have any answers that would help us identify who he was. Long story short, the dude ended up being legit and was coming on base to be awarded a silver star the next day from that general.”

8. Oh, boy

“Not a cop. Family friend was. Pulled a guy over who was speeding profusely. Guy was obviously disheveled. He said he was headed to the hospital because he had a tick on his penis. Cop was confused, but he escorted him there, then waited in the lobby to check on him/ see if he was blowing smoke. After a while, he asked the desk what was going on, why it took so long to take a tick off his penis.”

9. Pay attention to this story

“Popped a college kid for shitty driving and pulled a hundred grams of weed off of him. Also, a 1lb glass pipe shaped like a huge nail. No biggie. Also find weed under the other college kids in the car. Driver falls on the sword and tells me all of it is his and lets his friends walk free. I like this kid.

However during the search we find packaged addies in the cellophane of a cigarette pack with the top melted closed. <goddamnit intensifies>. Ask kid if hes dealing addies at school. Tell him I’m aware of the prescription pill epidemic. He says no and spins a huge yarn about how he only carries a few on him because hes had his orange pill bottle stolen so many times. Kid seems like a pretty good dude. I decided to take the x-files approach. Supervisor tells me pursue charges for dealing..blah blah blah. I tell the kid he has one chance to prove hes telling the truth.

Shows me the broken glass under his drivers seat from a vehicle burglary. Gotta do better. I follow behind him back to his dorm, he let’s me in and shows me the busted footlocker he kept them in under his bed. Dunno. Kinda weak. Supervisors telling me to hurry and and drop the axe. Tell him to do better. He calls one of the soccer team assistants up and we meet him in the locker room. Shows me the little wooden locker which has a broken lock. Ehhh.

Assistant coach tells me they have replaced the lock on his cabinet three times. Campus security has numerous reports of medicine theft from this kid. Nice. I call supervisor up and tell him I have no grounds to pursue delivery charges.

Poor bastard just kept getting his adderalls jacked and being the big dumb meatball he was, he started packaging them like that. I end up talking to his best friend breaking up a house party a couple months later. Friend tells me kid is a stand up guy who only uses weed due to extreme anxiety (totally believable from my interaction with him) and has never sold anything in his life. Friend thanked me and told me his buddy spoke well of me. Friend also tells me he had to drive his buddy to the hospital a few hours after I left from a panic attack due to the whole incident.

I felt bad for the kid. So now, whenever I see him smoking up in his car in the mall parking lot I just wave.”

10. Diabetic

“Former cop here. I was behind a vehicle that couldn’t stay in the lane, kept swerving, etc. It was 1am, and I think another drunk idiot on the road. Pull him over, guy is a straight up asshole to me. Cursed me out, yelling at me, and I notice his speech is slurred. I get him out to car, and I can smell a fruity smell on his breath and he has to lean against the car for support. I ask him how much he had to drink and he tells me to fuck off.

By this point I’m ready to bring him in for a DUI, but I just had a feeling something wasn’t right. I called EMS to come check him, blood sugar was at 40. Not drunk, just a diabetic. If I would have arrested him, he probably would of died before I finished the paperwork. Go with your gut if something doesn’t seem right!”

11. Ants in his pants

“My first ever real call was for a flasher at the local park, when i got there and finally found him it was a mentally impaired young man 16-17 who had a pair of headphones on in a full pooh bear. I said hey man come here what the hell is going on you know u have to keep your pants on especially at the park.

He goes on to tell me he had bad itching down his pants and couldnt take it anymore so he had to rip his pants off and was running home to get help, I said cmon you couldnt make it home first? He said no I had ants in my pants. As sure as shit according to more then one witness’s account, he had been sitting in a sandbox playing at the park and accidentally on a nest of red ants that had crawled up his pant legs…”

12. Recycling

“Former Park Ranger.

First week in the job we pull up and see a couple of kids smoking in their car with the windows down. The city has an ordinance against smoking on park property, but it is too petty to give them a ticket.

We approach the car and they are visibly nervous. My FTO looks through the windows and sees a couple of beer cans in the car. Bingo.

We get them out and start running their info, they are all underage but old enough to smoke cigarettes. My FTO asks them where the beer came from- the driver says he recycles. FTO laughs and begins to search the car.

I’m finishing up running their info, and these guys are being really respectful. FTO finishes searching the cab and goes to open the trunk. All the sudden I hear him bust out laughing. He is laughing so hard he can barely breathe.

He waves me over to look at the trunk of the car and it is level with crushed cans and bottles.

My FTO said that he has heard that excuse for 20 years and this is the first time it was true. He walked up, uncuffed the driver and let him go.”

13. Whoops

“I’m running booking one night, guy gets brought in for posessing a truly stupendous amount of drugs. Im talking like 2 rubbermade totes full of shrooms, a huge bag of weed, and enough heroin to overdose half the county. “Well,” says he, “I’m a DEA informant and they told me to make the drop so they could be there and raid the crap out of everybody and let me go for helping.”

Uh huh. riiiiiight. Face left please.

Guy is like “I’m tellin you dude, theyre gonna be suuuuper pissed that you country retards fucked up thier bust!”

Whatever, get in the holding cell and shut up.

About 3 hours later three guys show up, DEA agents, theyre super pissed that our deputies fucked up thier bust. I go back to the holding cell to let the guy out, and he’s just like “theyre super pissed huh?”


“told you so.”

14. Mind. Blown.

“I went to a disturbance at a backyard bbq once. Turns out it was a bunch of Roma (gypsies). As I was trying to figure out what was going on I had some old lady approach me and want to talk to me off to the side.

She told me she was an informant for the FBI and that if I left, she would be able to get some information on a matter the FBI was interested in. I rolled my eyes and thanked her and said I would be out of there as soon as I could make sure there was no violence going on.

Anyway I determined it was just verbal so I cleared the call and went back in service. About 15 to 30 minutes later dispatch radioed me to head back to the station. I got there and got a message to call some FBI Field office and ask for a certain agent.

I called and sure as shit this agent said he understood I spoke with his informant and wanted to know everything she told me.

Blew my mind.”

15. IKEA will do that to you

“Cop here – got a call of a domestic dispute that sounded very heated and a lot of banging was heard. Get to scene and I can hear someone yelling and swearing and brawling, doesn’t sound good at all. Guy answers the door, shirt off and angry, but seems bewildered as to why police had been called.

He told me he was building Ikea furniture – sounds like the most bullshit thing. But, we enter, see the new IKEA furniture half set up and no one else is home. Colour me surprised.”

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10 True Crime Shows You Can Binge-Watch Right Now on Investigation Discovery

The Investigation Discovery channel is at the top of the mountain when it comes to true crime television programming. If you’re even somewhat interested in crime, investigation, missing persons, and all things creepy, the ID channel likely has something for you to dive into and enjoy.

Here are 10 ID shows that we can’t get enough of:

1. Homicide Hunter

The ninth and final season of Homicide Hunter with Lt. Joe Kenda is now upon us. Kenda’s lengthy career in the Colorado Springs Police Department has given viewers an insider’s look into murder cases from his past.

Regarding the final season, Kenda has said, “As this is real life, the stories that I have left in my case files are either too simple or simply too gruesome to tell on television. I always wanted to go out at the top of my game, and I can assure you that season nine is just that.”

2. Evil Lives Here

Mom Recounts Her Son's Chilling Path To Being A Murderer – Evil Lives Here

Kathy tried to convince people that her son Michael may harm someone. Then a mother's worst nightmare came true.Watch Evil Lives Here full episode ➡ https://crimefeed.id/2GgSYmF

Posted by Investigation Discovery on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Currently in its sixth season, Evil Lives Here centers around people who have lived with killers at some point in their lives. A scary show that will make you re-examine the people close to you…cause you never really know anyone, do you?

Watch Season 1 for free HERE.

3. Deadly Women

It began with a fake report card…then Jennifer fabricated an entire university career and double life.Watch more Deadly Women on #IDGO → http://bit.ly/2yrChyA

Posted by Investigation Discovery on Friday, November 10, 2017

Deadly Women tells deeply disturbing tales about who, when, where, and most importantly WHY women kill. Each episode is a complicated, female-centric story sure to shake you to the core.

4. Disappeared

Most Watched Missing Persons Cases From Disappeared

These top five most watched cases have left us baffled for years. Watch season 1 of Disappeared unlocked now on #IDGO ➡ http://bit.ly/2Wc0l3Y

Posted by Investigation Discovery on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My personal favorite show on the ID network, Disappeared presents eerie cases of missing persons who suddenly, well…disappeared. Each episode delves into the missing person’s background and tries to uncover clues about their vanishing.

It’s an unsettling show that may just make you double check your locks, especially if you watch at night.

Watch Season 1 for free HERE.

5. Fear Thy Neighbor

Neighborly Feud Is Taken Too Far

A young family builds their dream home, but their heaven is hell for the quiet couple living next door. Fear Thy Neighbor is only on Investigation Discovery.

Posted by Investigation Discovery on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Many times, evildoers seem pretty prosaic from the outside. Fear Thy Neighbor tells the frightening stories of people who unknowingly lived next door or close to killers and other disturbed individuals. If you find yourself examining the people on your street a little closer afterwards…maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Watch Season 1 for free HERE.

6. Web of Lies

Teen Wakes Up To Find Lewd Photos Of Her Spread Around School

Audrie, 15, woke up covered in marker and not knowing what happened at a party the night before. When photos of her are shared via text, her world turns upside down. Watch Web of Lies on #IDGO now >> http://bit.ly/2Ir6kMA

Posted by Investigation Discovery on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We spend more of our lives online than ever before, but that can be a very dangerous choice. People looking to connect for love, work, friendship, and just about anything else sometimes fall prey to psychopaths on the web – after all, it’s so easy to be charming (or charmed) when you’re typing away to a stranger.

Watch Season 1 for free HERE.

7. Twisted Sisters

Twisted Sisters: Season 2 Premiere

Two sisters—one known as the good girl and the other a 'free spirit'—both share an overbearing mother. The family drama leads to a terrible confrontation and a death. Watch Twisted Sisters on #IDGO.

Posted by Investigation Discovery on Monday, August 12, 2019

This Khloe Kardashian-produced series is now in its second season and features truly shocking stories of crimes committed by sisters – which is a sub-section of crime that I didn’t really know existed. It definitely does, as it turns out.

You just never know when those sisterly bonds will go awry.

Watch Season 1 for free HERE until October 22, 2019.

8. The Case That Haunts Me

Law enforcement officials often acquire cases that haunt them for the rest of their days – the ones that got away – and that is the subject of this series. Detectives lead viewers through the disturbing experiences that still keep them up at night, and you’ll see why they weren’t ever quite able to let them go.

Watch Season 1 for free HERE until October 6, 2019.

9. Stalked: Someone’s Watching

One of the most terrifying things someone can experience in life is to be the target of a stalker. This program recounts the stories of people who were stalked, but it also delves into the unsettling psychology of the stalkers themselves.

Watch all four seasons for free HERE.

10. On the Case with Paula Zahn

50-year-old Marilou Johnson was a single mother raising three boys when she met 71-year-old Roger Blanchard. When Roger, a wealthy retired businessman, asked Marilou and her three sons to move in to his mansion it appeared to be a dream come true. Then on June 15, 2007, that happiness was shattered by a single phone call… Marilou was missing. As detectives investigate the case, it becomes clear she is the victim of foul play.On the Case with Paula Zahn begins Sunday at 10/9c.

Posted by Investigation Discovery on Sunday, July 9, 2017

The long-running program has been on the air for years and was the first ID show to reach 100 episodes. Host Paula Zahn takes viewers on a deep dive into puzzling crime mysteries and the investigations surrounding them. The show currently has 263 episodes and is still going strong.

Happy binge-watching!

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