Police Officers Talk About the Smartest Criminals They’ve Ever Encountered

It’s been a permanent fixture of film, television, and literature for years. The cunning criminal who is so bright that they routinely outsmart the police and make them look foolish.

But this phenomenon exists in real life too, believe it or not.

AskReddit users shared their stories about especially smart criminals.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. That is insane.

“My favorite was the guy who stole a post office mailbox off the street, repainted it, and then put it next to the night deposit box at a bank.

And hung an out-of-order sign on the deposit box. All the businesses came along and dropped off their deposits in the mailbox.”

2. Ahhhhh, the GPS.

“I worked crime scenes. This guy had attached GPS to the bottom of peoples cars who owned houses, he wanted to rob.

He did it to ensure they wouldn’t be showing up while he was ransacking the place.”

3. Almost got away with it.

“I remember an officer telling me about a B&E alarm he and his team responded to. No one was there to report the alarm, it must have been a security monitoring company that called.

When police showed up, everything seemed normal, most lights were off, and there was an employee still working. Explains he was there working late and must have set off an alarm.

They almost believed him until he said “uhh” before saying the name of the company he worked for. After that it was downhill but with a little more research he would have pretty much gotten away with it.”

4. On parole…

“There’s one guy I recently dealt with who is on parole. I stopped him in my city after he was looking to buy drugs (usually people come from all over to buy drugs and then leave). I issue him a warning and let him go as it’s pretty common and he sang like a bird regarding the people he was trying to buy from.

Anyway, the next day, I got a call from his parole officer who says he was alerted the guy was pulled over and wanted to verify that It was his guy that I stopped. I’m a little confused at first but he goes on to say that the day before, he was scheduled to meet with him but he had an excuse and bailed.

His excuse was that he was in the hospital. Well when he spoke with him the following day, he was able to provide documentation that he had entered the hospital day 1 and had left day 2. Well I had stopped him at 115 in the morning and after looking at the picture, it was 100% him.

Turns out the guy had checked in then out of the hospital on day 1, then in and out again on day 2. He then re arranged half the paperwork to make it look like he was in the hospital overnight which would make my car stop of him appear like I mixed him up with someone else as well as give him a valid excuse to miss their meeting.

Not sure what’s gonna happen to that guy but I thought it was pretty clever.”

5. It’s cold outside.

“Worked at a jail. After getting off work, I watched an ex inmate (homeless) being released, he walked over to a patrol car, looked me in the eye, and the elbowed the window in. He was walked back to the entrance and re-booked in. It was middle of January. He didn’t want to get too cold.

To the people talking about “Can’t break car windows.” That’s true. Also depends on the car. The patrol car they used was specifically old model. Used more for the perimeter of the jail unless other patrol cars were in the shop. Those windows had been replaced so many times. Idk if it’s the same material or what.”

6. The great state of Costco.

“A friend of my brother moved to Israel where for a period of time it was/is acceptable to drive with an American driver’s license.

He was pulled over for speeding, and when asked for his license, gave the officer his Costco card (Costco is a membership-based retail warehouse in the US and a few other countries. The exchange apparently went something like this: Officer: “Costco? What is Costco?”

Friend: “It’s the state I’m from.”

Officer: “That sounds made up.”

Friend: “There are lots of states you probably haven’t heard of. Have you heard of Arkansas? How about Idaho?”

Officer: “I guess not…”

Friend: “Well I’m from the small state of Costco.”

The officer didn’t have a response and wound up writing the ticket to someone with a Costco driver’s license. Friend framed the ticket and still has it hanging on his wall.”

7. It all adds up.

“One guy would print barcodes, bring them into home depot and stick them on merchandise in the $100 range. When scanned the items came up around the $10 range. Putting random barcodes on things isnt really illegal and super hard to notice. Guy two would come in an hour later and buy the underpriced stuff. Complete plausible deniability. They would then sell the stuff on Ebay.

Only reason they got caught is because the guy with the barcode printer/software cut the second guy out of the operation so guy 2 stole a bunch of barcodes, put them on the merchandise and paid for it immediately afterwards. He then proceeded to rat on the first guy and spilled the beans they had been doing this on a weekly basis for over four years.

Because we could only pin the one case on him, the burglary was dropped down to a pretty theft and he walked away with a few days in county and a small fine. Dude probably took homedepot for tens of thousands over the years.”

8. Fraud!

“I have a nice story from insurance/debt collectors.

There was this guy who was already in heaps of debt. Like more than a lifetimes worth of debt.

He proceeded to file several policereports for identity theft up to the point that he got protected from financial checkups – It was a temporary measure that were given to repeated identity theft victims. At the same time he had reported fake income to the IRS for the last couple of years to between 40 to 60 millions depending on the year.

So when he applied for credit cards and loans, they were unable to check his financial credit (Due to the identity theft protection) but they checked his tax returns which showed he had a massive income.

Got his loans and credit cards – emptied them out and left the country.”

9. Very clever…

“A while back, there was a series of thefts along the bus lines in my country. People’s things kept missing from one city to the next, and nobody had any idea what happened as things were presumably safe in the bottom of the bus which nobody except the driver had the access to.

What happened?

Apparently there were two guys, one of whom was really small. You get where this is going. The big guy would put the little guy in a suitcase, buy a ticket to somewhere, load him up with the rest of the luggage, and enjoy the ride, while the little guy went out, stole people’s electronics, jewelry, cameras and whatnot, then returned to his suitcase until the ride was over.

Not really sure how they caught them, but it was pretty amusing to read about, and i found the whole thing clever enough.”

10. This guy wasn’t messing around.

“There was an incident in Fargo ND where a guy wanted to steal electronics equipment. The store had plenty of alarms on it and generally cutting an alarm triggers an alarm so instead he cut ALL the alarms. This was before cellphones were really widespread and alarms were usually just connected to the phone line.

He found an access point to one of the phone companies big trunk lines (correction: 9 access points). Massive thick copper cables with tens of thousands of lines running through them. He cut through the whole thing with a circular saw, knocked out phone service to most of the town and robbed an audio store during the ensuing chaos.

There were no leads until a tip came in from another town where he’d pulled something similar. They hadn’t been able to pin that to him but had strong suspicions and he’d relocated to Fargo. So the cops pay him a visit. He refused to let them in because they didn’t have a warrant so the cops left to get one without leaving anyone to watch him and he split. When they came back they found the saw coated in copper dust and a lot of the stolen stuff.

He was in the wind for a while but even after he got caught he had another card to play. While being transported between prisons he used a key he’d made to unlock his shackles and climbed out the roof vent of the bus.”

11. In broad daylight.

“20 years ago a guy on Australia’s Gold Coast got away with a bank robbery in broad daylight.

He cased the bank for a while and discovered a pattern of the bank manager arriving about 30 minutes before anyone else each morning where he would leave the front doors unlocked so staff could help themselves in without a key or needing to wait for the boss to come and let them in.

One morning the crook dressed himself up for a busy day of office work and waited for the bank manager to arrive. As the manager was unlocking the doors he made his move, entering the building and threatening the manager with a gun. He got all the details he’d need to access the vault and so forth and then tied the manager up and stuffed him in his office.

When the staff arrived he told them that the manager had called in sick and that regional office had sent him in to do the open shop thing and no one batted an eyelid. This bank had a small walk in vault that normally only held about 30-50k on any given day but old mate had timed his robbery for the morning after business banking day when all the local small businesses would make their end of week deposits and reportedly got a score of close to 250k.

Once the vault was open he pulled his gun out and invited all the staff to enter the vault and locked them in. By this stage the bank was due to be open so when he went to leave there were a number of customers waiting to get inside to do their banking.

He told them all that there had been an issue with the computers and that the tech team had estimated it would take about 30 minutes before the issue would be resolved and that they couldn’t open until then.

Then he got into his car and drove straight to the airport and flew to Hong Kong and then disappeared.

To my knowledge the cops never caught him and never managed to find the money – they knew he’d have had to leave most of it in Australia somewhere because you can only take 10k aud in cash in any currency out of the country before customs pulls you into their interview rooms so the assumption was that he had to have an accomplice here who would funnel the money to him slowly over time.”

12. Never got caught.

“Several years ago in Cape Coral FL, a man waited on a sidewalk in front of a Publix grocery store and used a taser on an armored car guard carrying too bags of money.

A get away driver in a car with stolen tags pulled up, taser guy and money bags get in and they took off. Never caught.”

13. Small-town crime.

“Probably one of the smartest robberies in my small city.

One of the main streets is cut into a hillside and, as a result, there is a very steep and quite tall concrete-covered bank immediately behind the buildings. Between two buildings there is a gap that was filled at the street-end by an ATM.

To access it for filling, the security staff went through the next door building, out a side door and into the gap, which had the ATM at one end and the steep bank at the other. On the Friday before Christmas, when the ATM was to be filled to the brim, one of the robbers abseiled down the bank at night into the gap and waited for the guys to arrive to fill the ATM (they came early in the morning).

As they came through the door into the gap, he held them up, took the money, and took off through the building to an accomplice waiting in a van on the main street. Then the van took off on the main road out of the city and vanished.

After a big search, the police finally found the burnt-out van. Turned out the gang had driven it up a gorge road and had two other accomplices in cars at the top and bottom of the gorge who simultaneously drove really slowly into the gorge and held up the traffic so that no one was there to see them when they turned off down an access road into some bush.

They ended up being caught, because one of the gang was a former employee of the security company.”

14. Working the system.

“I worked with this one guy who had a lengthy record. He had a system for getting released if he got caught. After committing a crime, if the police were in pursuit and he knew he was about to be cornered, he would act insane.

His girl would play along with it telling the police that he was off his medication. The police would arrest him but then send him to a mental ward with papers instructing the ward to release to police once he was cleared. Once he was in the mental ward, he would cause a distraction that would make the person attending the desk with the file cabinet to leave said cabinet.

He would then crawl to the file cabinet, look for his “release to police” papers, and then would literally eat the papers. When the psych evaluators decided that he was stable enough to be released, there would be no instructions to send him to the police, and he would be released to the general public.

He did this about 10 times until police officers noticed him back on the streets. This stunt forced the state to change their procedure for detaining mentally unstable suspects.”

As someone who is pretty obsessed with crime, these stories were very interesting to me.

Now we want to hear from you!

Have you run across any wily criminals in your day?

Maybe as a cop, a lawyer, or in some other capacity?

Tell us about them in the comments!

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Celebrities Who Got Away With Doing Bad Things Because of Their Fame

It’s a fact of life that famous people and people with a lot of money get away with all kinds of things when it comes to crime and scandal.

Also, sometimes the general public just kind of seems to “forget” about really bad things celebrities do because they’re, well, celebrities and people are obsessed with fame.

What celebrities do you think have been let off the hook for bad things because of their fame?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts on the subject.

1. Rock n’ roll bad boy.

“Vince Neil of Motley Creue drove drunk and killed one of his very good friends and gave the 2 people in the other car very bad injuries and brain damage.

He also had other DUIs after this.

But hey everybody loves a good party song and now he has a famous liquor brand.”

2. A lot of talk about this guy.

“R Kelly married Aaliyah when she was 15 years old in the mid 90’s and yet it took like two decades for people to start boycotting him as a sexual predator.

He was still making songs with beyonce and lady gaga etc for a looooong time.”

3. I’m Rick James, bitch!

“Rick James kidnapped TWO women with his wife while on separate crack binges.”

4. From the old days of wrestling.

“Jimmy Superfly Snuka killed his girlfriend and got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.”

5. This guy…

“Ted Nugent shit his pants to dodge the draft and has a song called “jailbait” which ends with him pleading with an officer not to arrest him and instead share a 13 year old.

That’s not even his worst offense as also he adopted his 16 year old girlfriend because the government refused to marry them.”

6. The Man in Black.

“Johnny Cash walked out on his wife and kids saying that his career was more important to him than they were, then went on to eventually settle down with June Carter and start a whole new family while still ignoring the kids he already had.”

7. Interesting…

“Boy George

He beat a guy with a metal chain after cuffing him to a radiator. Should make for an interesting sequence in his forthcoming biopic…”

8. Classy!

“Steven Tyler became the guardian for a 16 year old he was dating when he was 25 so he could bring her on tour…knocked her up too.”

9. The King.

“Elvis Presley and Pricilla age 14. Right out in the public, no one batted an eye. Her parents allowed her to go on a trip under The condition that Elvis pay for a first-class round trip and arrange for her to be chaperoned at all times, and that she write home every day.

Elvis agreed to all these demands, and Priscilla flew to Los Angeles. Elvis told her they were going to Las Vegas, and to throw her parents off the scent, he had Priscilla pre-write a postcard for every day they’d be away to be mailed from Los Angeles by a member of his staff.”

10. Hmmmm…weird…

“Gwyneth Paltrow

Shes a con artist and manages a MLM, as well as recommending women treat their illness by putting rocks up their Vagina and steaming their privates causing harm to people.

You can say shes an idiot.

Or just that shes a sociopath that loves making money off hurting other people.

She admitted on Jimmy Kimmel that she has no idea if anything really works.”

11. Dr. Dre.

“Dr Dre beat a reporter, Dee Barnes, savagely for writing a negative story on him. Or one he perceived as negative, I don’t know.

He picked her up by her hair and “began slamming her head and the right side of her body repeatedly against a brick wall near the stairway” as his bodyguard held off the crowd with a gun. After Dr. Dre tried to throw her down the stairs and failed, he began kicking her in the ribs and hands. She escaped and ran into the women’s rest room. Dr. Dre followed her and “grabbed her from behind by the hair again and proceeded to punch her in the back of the head.”

12. Have you ever noticed…?

“Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17 year old girl in highschool, when he was 39 years old.

I know it isn’t illegal. He had money, fame, and was at the height of his show. And he chooses to date a 17 year old who is still in highschool ? It might not be illegal and as bad as murder/rape/kidnapping/etc. , but it’s still pretty scummy.”

13. From the 1970s…

“Roman Polanski’s still getting awards and standing ovations for his films.”

14. Sticking up for “family values.”

“Newt Gingrich.

Republican politician Married his high school geometry teacher when he was 19 and she was 26. Had multiple affairs and while she was in the hospital undergoing treatment for cancer he came into her hospital room and told her he was divorcing her.

Friends of Gingrich report that Newt told them that “she wasn’t pretty enough to be the wife of a president”, which he planned to be. He proceeds to divorce her, and then doesn’t pay child support and first wife has to get help form the church to make ends meet. I say first wife because he gets his divorce and in 6 months marries his second wife.

But while with second wife has an affair with his staffer. During this affair, the massive hypocrite leads the impeachment proceedings of Bill Clinton for lying about an affair. Gets divorced and four months later marries his latest wife.

He also blamed past infidelities on his “passion for this country”. Oh, and he is credited with driving a wedge between the parties in politics and being a leader in “Christian Family Values”. You can currently find him as a popular pundit on news programs.”

15. Okay, here’s a long list.

“Jimmy Page was 26 when he started calling 14 year old Lori Maddox his girlfriend.

Mick Jagger had a few rounds with Maddox around the same time.

Also of the rolling Stones, Bill Wyman started dating 13 year old Mandy Smith when he was 47. He got her mother’s permission.

Jerry Lee Lewis of course married his 13 year old cousin – she still believed in Santa on their honeymoon.

Chuck Berry was arrested for crossing state lines with a 14 year old prostitute. He was also recording women in the washroom of the restaurant he owned.

Marvin Gaye knocked up his wife’s 15 year old niece.

Don Henley (the Eagles) was charged after paramedics found him with two naked girls, aged 15 and 16.”

16. A boxing great.

“Floyd Mayweather beats his wife with hands that are registered as lethal weapons in front of his children. But because he wins nobody cares.

I’ll have to look into some of those stories…

What do you think?

Which celebrities do you think have gotten away with dastardly deeds because they’re famous?

Sound off in the comments!

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Check Out These Interesting Facts About True Crime and Criminals

True crime is incredibly popular – you can tell by the massive number of true crime TV shows, documentaries, movies, and podcasts that are available out there.

From the old stuff to the new, seemingly unbelievable stories, I find it all fascinating.

Here are 10 interesting crime facts for you to chew on…enjoy.

1. This is wild.

Photo Credit: did you know?


2. Cowboy Bob.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

3. Public Enemy Number One.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2

4. The Zone of Death.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

5. Murder Mansion.

Photo Credit: did you know?


6. Did you know this?

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2

7. Real-life crime fighter.

Photo Credit: did you know?

Source 1 Source 2

8. French fries!

Photo Credit: did you know?


9. A real wiseguy.

Photo Credit: did you know?


10. Ice Cream Wars.

Photo Credit: did you know?


Some fascinating crime history right there.

What are some of the crime stories that you find the most interesting?

Share them with us in the comments!

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15 Creepy Mysteries That Might Never Be Solved

There are so many unsolved mysteries out there that it can be hard to keep up with them. Luckily, we have online forums where people fill us in on the creepy tales and stories we should read up on if we want to scare the sh*t out of each other.

Here are 15 scary unsolved mysteries that might never be solved. Click on the links in the titles to read more about these topics.

These answers come to us from the Buzzfeed Community.

1. The disappearance of Bobby Dunbar.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“I just find it crazy that we’ll never quite know if the kid who was returned to the Dunbars was really their son or the son of another woman who they won against in court. If that wasn’t Bobby, what happened to Bobby? And if it was Bobby, why did he seem so confused about it?”

2. The Somerton Man.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“The dude from Australia! The Somerton Man! He was found on the beach, dead. All signs pointed to poisoning but they didn’t find anything in the tox report. All the tags in his clothes were cut out, there was no way of identifying him. Then they found a line from a book in his pocket or something. They say he could have been a spy but we’ll probably never know.”

3. The Yuba County Five.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“Five young men went missing in California after seemingly being chased up a mountain in their car. Months later, four of their five bodies were found malnourished, but the fifth has never been found. People think since the men were mentally challenged they were targeted or that the 5th man murdered them, but that theory seems unlikely.”

4. The death of Rebecca Zahau.

“She was found bound and hanged naked off the balcony of her boyfriend’s beachside mansion. There was a mysterious message written in black paint on her bedroom door reading, “She saved him. Can you save her?”

5. The death of the Black Dahlia.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“This one is obviously super well known but the fact that no one knows who the killer is is wild and what was done to her was so brutal and creepy.”

6. The disappearance of Timmothy Pitzen.

“Everyone needs to read this case, it is nuts. Amy Fry-Pitzen checked her 6-year-old son out of school and three days later her body was found in a hotel where she had died of apparent suicide. A note was found next to her saying that Timmothy was safe with people who would care for him and he would never be found. They have never been able to find him, or any remains of him.”

7. Australia’s Mr. Cruel.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“Many people have seen the police sketch of the modified balaclava that he wore in one of the kidnappings (the one with white stitches to conceal any potential identifying markers — super creepy!), but his crime spree and its sudden stop is haunting. Its unsolved nature adds more to its overall creepiness.”

8. The 1962 Alcatraz prison break.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“Along with their friend Allen West, they planned to dig a hole using spoons into their cell walls and climb up the walls onto the roof. Using loads of raincoats they also planned to take all their belongings and make a raft and swim away. West never made it as his hole was too small, but the others have still not been found. There are many weird things involved in this story — someone claiming to be Clarence wrote a letter to the police a few years back stating he is alive and that he would tell them where he is if they didn’t arrest him and that the other two have died.”

9. The Lane Bryant murders.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“It happened on a Saturday morning in the southern suburbs of Chicago. A person walked into the store, held people hostage for a short time, and murdered everyone in there. The person got away and was never found. A manager, who wasn’t even scheduled to come in that day, called 911 and just said, ‘Lane Bryant, hurry.’ One person survived the shooting but the person has not been identified. They’re not even sure if the killer was a man or a woman. The 911 call is super chilling.”

10. The disappearance of Susy Tomassi.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“Susy was 73 years old with slight dementia. She owned a restaurant called The Quilted Giraffe with her husband and was known for walking from the restaurant to other stores. One day, she was seen on camera walking away from her restaurant and literally just vanished. Nobody knows what happened. They recently released a video of a person they believe to be Susy, walking through some store alleys and getting into a white pickup truck the exact time she went missing.”

11. The death of Gareth Williams.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“The spy in the duffel bag. His naked remains were found in a duffel bag, padlocked from the outside, in the bath of a safe house. No forensic evidence was found that pointed towards it being an accident, and the key to the padlock was found underneath his body. The official cause of death was ‘probably an accident’ but a KGB agent claims he was killed by the Russian SVR.”

12. The fate of the Sodder children.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“The whole case is quite the rabbit hole with so many lies and cover-ups and unanswered questions. Someone out there has answers! It’s been over 70 years, so if the children survived, they’ve probably passed on now. But I’m still so curious about what happened!”

13. The incident at Dyatlov Pass.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“Nine experienced trekkers were found dead. There was no sign of foul play, but most of them were missing clothes, some of them had extreme injuries, and the tents were ripped open from the inside. It happened over 50 years ago and to this day is still unsolved!”

14. The death of JonBenét Ramsey.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“ARE WE EVER GOING TO FIND OUT WHO DID IT?! Did the mom write the ransom? Why was the random note written at the house? Why did JonBenét have pineapple in her stomach? Who gave her the pineapple? How did the DNA on her clothing get there, who does the DNA belong to? Was she being abused? WHY DOES HER BROTHER SOUND SO CREEPY AND WHY DOES HE SMILE SO MUCH?! Someone in that family is guilty of something. Darnit! It still keeps me up at night.”

15. The disappearance of Amy Bradley.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“She disappeared on a cruise ship and there were rumors that she was trafficked. They found a photo of a really similar looking woman on an escort site!”

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George Martonaro was sentenced…

George Martonaro was sentenced to life without parole on non-violent charges. In his 32 years in the prison system, he learned dozens of subjects, taught numerous courses such as creative writing to over 8000 inmates, and authored more than 30 books.