Here’s a Great Product to Remove Irritants/Venom so Bites/Stings Don’t Itch

Obviously bug bites AND stings are VERY common problems we all share, and when either of those situations arise, the vast majority of us turn to creams and ointments that treat the symptoms, not the cause.

Well, now there’s a product that literally gets to the heart of why you itch and scratch after getting bit or stung.

The Bug Bite Thing was created by Florida mom, Kelley Higney (pictured right), who wanted to find a better, drug-free way to help her kids with the bug bites that always irritated their skin.

The way it works is deceptively simple: by suction.

See, when you get bit the insect’s saliva or venom gets under your skin. This causes a reaction and a red, itchy welt is the result.

That’s where the Bug Bite Thing springs into action. You just place it over your skin, pull up on the plunger and let the natural suction do its work.

The company posted this tutorial to show how easy it is…

It’s just that easy. And it’s honestly one of those ideas that make you think, “Why haven’t I thought of that?”

People are so impressed by the product, that they’ve taken to social media to share their stories…

Because this thing is a life-saver…

And it even helps people who have more serious issues with bug bites lead a normal life…

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The reviews on Amazon speak for themselves…

The results are especially good for kids because it’s pain-free and drug-free!

So where can you get one?

The Bug Bite Thing retails on the company’s website for $9.95, and you can also buy it on Amazon.

By the way, fun fact about the company… they were recently on Shark Tank and got funded by inventor & entrepreneur, Lori Greiner!

Here she is talking about how much she loves the product!

LUV Bug Bite Thing sooooo much!! Here's why! #SharkTank #mosquitobites #bugbites #itreallyworks

Posted by Lori Greiner on Sunday, October 20, 2019

They even moved into new offices!

Definitely keep your eye on this company for more amazing ideas to help you lead a healthier, happier life!

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Gen X’ers Will Appreciate These Memes More Than Napster

ALL of the talk right now is about boomers and millennials because they’re fighting. Which is fine. You all do your thing and we’ll just sticking around, minding our own business, making fat stacks and reading memes.

I mean… remember when music and movies were free on the internet because we were LITERALLY stealing them? And we thought that would keep going?

Yeah, you remember… and these memes will bring all those good times flooding back.

1. Wait… WUT?!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Them were them dayz

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

3. And were they even taken out of class??

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

4. Good lord…

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

5. Sleeves = Class

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

6. It’s on!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

7. That Atari life!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

8. OMFG!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

9. Oh yes.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

10. Oh… am I interrupting the class with my FRIES?!?!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

11. You’ll never know…

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

How much did you relate to these memes? If you said, “A LOT!” then you are definitely Generation X. Like, full on Gen Xer.

Got any awesome memes you want to share with us? Leave them in the comments!

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14 Tweets That Might Give You All the Feels

As connected as we are these days, a lot of still feel alone sometimes.

That’s why it’s so nice to see a post that really sums up those feelings. It reminds us that we’re not alone in this strange world of ours.

Here are 14 tweets that you’ll identify with on a spiritual level:

1. Seriously, a text would be fine

2. Definitely a commitment

3. I’m unrecognizable

4. Addressing things is important

5. A hard truth

6. Procrastinators unite…later

7. Ouch

8. Yep

9. We can’t control other people

10. That’s a true friend

11. Belonging is great

12. I am that sensitive

13. What a waste

14. I chose you

You feelings these tweets, fam? Because I feel seen. Just saying…

Which one did you connect with the most? Let us know in the comments!

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15 Tweets About Animals That Might Put a Big Smile on Your Face

It’s not as if you weren’t probably already aware that animals are hilarious. Most of the time it’s unintentional, but sometimes you’d swear they know exactly what they’re doing and how much we’re going to love it.

Proof? These 15 tweets right here!

Enjoy these precious moments. Because they won’t be around for long…

1. You’ll get it!

2. Hi. Bye.

3. Yo yo homie

4. There’s so much that’s right about this… but those cat situps!

5. Cutest. Dog. Ever.

6. Alright, listen here you little butthead…

7. Wiggle wiggle wiggle

8. dat frosh lewk!

9. Donald!

10. Same

11. Fruit of his labor…


13. Da best!

14. This is perfect!

15. BFFS!

Are you still saying “awwwwwwwww”? Because I am.

Alright kids… favorite tweet? Let us know in the comments!

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17 Halloween Costume Ideas You Might Want to Consider This Year

Do you need some inspiration this Halloween season? It’s tough to decide what to be since there are literally tens of thousands of great ideas floating around out there.

So today we’ve made it A LOT easier. Here are 17 perfect group costumes that are sure to be a hit at any company holiday party!

The Heathers

Stranger Things Wall Alphabet

Shark Week

Seven Dwarves

Scooby Doo!

Santa’s Reindeer

Pizza party!

Napoleon Dynamite

Mrs Pac-Man and the ghosts


Many Minions!

Mario Kart in the house!

Magic School Bus


Thing 1, 2 & 3!



Hope these ideas help you decide! I think we’re going with Napoleon Dynamite this year. And I’m gonna be Uncle Rico.

So, what’s your favorite? Share in the comments!

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16 Tweets That Accurately Capture the Struggle of Adulthood

“Youth is wasted on the young.”

I often think about this quote when I ride in to work every day and consider what I’ve done with my life. Because we had all that time! And what did we do with it? Eat gummy fruits and watch reruns? Why wasn’t I investing in stocks?!

Thankfully, there’s Twitter. Where comedians hang out and tweet funny shit that we can all relate to.

Let’s have fun.

16. I scream! And… that’s it. I just scream.

15. MINE!

14. Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? A: An employee, apparently.

13. Drugs help.

12. So much me. So much.

11. I didn’t ask for this!

10. 4 hours at least. 6 hours at the most.

9. What a pain!

8. Why doesn’t anybody stop me from doing these things?!

7. Time works differently now.

6. OMG. This is so true!

5. Too expensive!

4. Can I hire a domineering mom for another 5 years?

3. I read lots of Böökes

2. Stop jumping! I want to get back on my feet!

1. Wait… how much is THAT?

Now that was some good adulthood! I feel MUCH better about ALL my choices.

What do you think? Do you struggle with being all grown up and stuff?

Let us know in the comments!

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People Share Their Stories About Big Mistakes They Made

Listen up, y’all!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And these 12 people made mistakes, but then realized it and the results were hilarious.

Best + Worst = Better Than Best

Sit back, relax, and let these hilarious mistakes roll!

1. YUM!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

2. OH NOIZE!!!!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

3. I approve this mistake!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

4. Fan fic probs!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

5. Uh ohhhhhh…

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

6. Roped in!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

7. OMFG!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

8. Hahaha… does Australia actually exist? Hmmmm?

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

9. Haha… wrong man, MAN!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

10. Awwww! Wasabi frog!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

11. Same same…

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

12. You will always be “anal sneeze boy”

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Which one did you like the most?

Let us know in the comments!

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20 Funny Photos Taken by the Best Real Estate Agents Around the World

Yikes. These are NG…that means no good.

Real estate agents have to be tech-savvy these days and taking quality photos to put online is a crucial part of selling homes.

That’s why these pictures are definitely NOT helping anyone get rid of these houses anytime soon.

1. A Rare Opportunity To Acquire A Sacrificial Dungeon Simply Bursting With Original Features

2. If The Weather Clears Up Later I Might Mow The Pool

3. “I Think I’m Beginning To See A Pattern” Said Holmes

4. Attention To Detail Is Very Important. For Example, Here The Agent Has Dragged The Body Outside Before Taking The Photograph

5. Just As It Had The Great Mayan Cities Of Tikal And Calakmul, Nature Slowly Reclaimed The Wilsons’ Dining Roo

6. You’ll Never Guess What I Just Passed On The Stairs

7. Lucy Often Thought Back To Her Old Bedroom, Where She Spent The Happiest Years Of Her Life

8. This Christmas, Turn Your House Into An Actual Advent Calendar

9. On Cold Winter Nights There’s Nothing Quite Like Curling Up In Front Of A Roaring Toilet

10. Some People Like To Read While On The Toilet. Others Prefer To Be Inundated By Multiple Confusing And Contradictory Reflections Of Themselves, Repeating Into Infinity

11. Blog Idea: Reasons My Fan Is Sad

12. It’s A Tribute To My Late Wife, Who Used To Dream Of Being A Clumsily-Drawn, Questionably-Shaped Mermaid

13. If That Thing Gets Accidentally Hoovered Up It Could Damage The Vacuum Cleaner

14. Advice To Real Estate Agents: Never Reveal Yourself To Be The Prince Of Darkness During A Viewing

15. Wake Up Eric, The Agent’s Here. And For Heaven’s Sake Put Some Clothes On

16. Buyers Are Advised To Leave The Fridge Right Where It Is

17. Not Yet Bernard. Feeding Time Isn’t Until 6:30

18. That Feeling When You Enter A Bathroom And Literally Don’t Know Where To Start

19. Hit It With Something, See If It Moves. I’ll Be Downstairs Barricading Myself Into The Kitchen

20. In Some Cultures, A Desire For Privacy Is Seen As A Sign Of Weakness

Which one is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments!

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15 Wholesome Memes to Brighten Your Week

Guess what? We’re here to help cheer you up if you’re having a bad week!

If your week is going great, well, get the fuck out of here! Take your happiness elsewhere!

No, just kidding, you can check out these memes too.

1. That’s a cool dude!

Photo Credit: Someecards

2. Day automatically brightened!

Photo Credit: Someecards

3. Awwwww… that look!

Photo Credit: Someecards

4. Gerard knows what up!

Photo Credit: Someecards

5. This husband wins EVERYTHING!

Photo Credit: Someecards

6. They really do think they’re people…

Photo Credit: Someecards

7. Well, that’ll come up in trivia at some point!

Photo Credit: Someecards

8. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

Photo Credit: Someecards

9. Hahaha!

Photo Credit: Someecards

10. This guy!

Photo Credit: Someecards

11. Okay, that’s awesome.

Photo Credit: Someecards

12. Fair trade!

Photo Credit: Someecards

13. OMG! That’ll be bigger than her FOREVER!

Photo Credit: Someecards

14. BFFs for life!

Photo Credit: Someecards

15. The BEST feeling.

Photo Credit: Someecards

Feeling better?

Yep, we thought so!

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15 People Share the Interesting Ways Their Parents Met

Sure, you’ve heard the typical blind date story, but some of them range from the completely and hopelessly adorable to the slightly (or really) disturbing. But hey, who are we to judge?

Okay, we’re gonna judge. That’s what we do. It’s fun.

The following 15 people share how their parents got together, and you may just find it hard to believe some of these. Because, yeah, wow.

Get ready! Get set! Go!

1. Like a boss!

Photo Credit: Whisper

2. That’s one way to get somebody’s attention!

Photo Credit: Whisper

3. I’m not sure how I feel about ANY of this. Sweet or creepy? Hmmmm…

Photo Credit: Whisper

4. Their inhibitions were down, and stayed down…

Photo Credit: Whisper

5. …and the rest was history.

Photo Credit: Whisper

6. How romantic!

Photo Credit: Whisper

7. How do you not learn how to dance?!?

Photo Credit: Whisper

8. Wait… what?!?

Photo Credit: Whisper

9. Hey, whatever works. I guess…

Photo Credit: Whisper

10. 80s babies unite!

Photo Credit: Whisper

11. Arranged marriages oftentimes last longer. True story.

Photo Credit: Whisper

12. Beers for everybody!

Photo Credit: Whisper

13. Cougartown USA

Photo Credit: Whisper

14. In search of…

Photo Credit: Whisper

15. Hardcore!

Photo Credit: Whisper

Here’s hoping that whenever you meet that special someone, it’s interesting. But not too interesting!

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