For the production of ‘Maste….

For the production of ‘Master and Commander’, Russell Crowe personally bought the violin his character plays in the film as the budget couldn’t spare the expense. He later then sold the violin at auction in 2018 for $104,000.

Crooner Al Martino, who played…

Crooner Al Martino, who played Johnny Fontane in the Godfather, was originally passed over for the movie. He complained to his Mafia “godfather” and eventually got the part, much like his character.

17 Tweets About Movies for All the Film-Lovers out There

Are you a cinephile? You obsessed with movies?

If so, then these tweets are for you! Just don’t look at them while you’re at the theater, cause that’s super rude!

1. Jack Black’s a funny guy

2. Chilling

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Flora__Flora

3. I believe it

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4. Stubert Little?

Photo Credit: Twitter: @defnotsally


Photo Credit: Twitter: @Ristolable

6. No one puts gat-ey in the corner

Photo Credit: Twitter: @thepunningman

7. But really

Photo Credit: Twitter: @adamgoodell

8. Solid point

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Jay_FrickinLynn

9. We all knew it when we saw it

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10. Gross

Photo Credit: Twitter: @ariscott

11. Carry the 1…

Photo Credit: Twitter: @vineyille

12. Uh oh

13. Let’s!

14. LOL

15. Let’s get it done!

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16. *Claps*

Photo Credit: Twitter: @JlTEAGEGE

17. I totally get it

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Now, off to the cinema!

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Sir Alec Guiness hated his role…

Sir Alec Guiness hated his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: “Apart from the money, I regret having embarked on the film,” calling the dialog “lamentable.” An autograph seeker told him he’d seen the movie over 100 times; he gave him an autograph on the condition he never see the movie again.

Actor George C. Scott was…

Actor George C. Scott was nominated and eventually won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in ‘Patton’. He refused to accept the award based on his belief that each performance is unique and actors shouldn’t be in competition with each other. He stayed home and slept through the awards show.

When Charlie Sheen came…

When Charlie Sheen came out as HIV positive, it led to a 95 percent increase in over the counter HIV home testing kits and 2.75 million searches on the topic, dubbed “The Charlie Sheen Effect.” Some said that Sheen did more for awareness of HIV than most UN events.

Sylvester Stallone was not…

Sylvester Stallone was not the actor that the producers wanted to star in ‘Rocky’. With just $106 in his bank account, Stallone turned down a $300,000 offer — the equivalent of $1 million today — for the rights to ‘Rocky’ so he could star in the film himself.