10+ Little-Known Facts About Hollywood Actors from the Golden Age

Back in the Golden Era of Hollywood, actors weren’t under nearly as much scrutiny as they are today. Sure, there were some tabloids and paparazzi around, but not to the degree they are today and certainly without nearly the surveillance capabilities that today’s snoops have.

That means that actors back then actually had secrets they could keep… until now.

#1. Lana Turner’s daughter Cheryl was a murderer.

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She stabbed Turner’s abusive boyfriend to death when she was just 14.

#2. Katharine Hepburn did accept second billing once.

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She agreed to be the maid of honor at Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier’s wedding.

#3. Greta Garbo was Hitler’s favorite actress.

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He used to invite her to visit Germany, but the feeling wasn’t mutual – she used to tell people that if she had met him, she would have killed him and gotten away with it.

#4. There were rumors that Shirley Temple was a dwarf.

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People believed there was no way a child could be that talented, and the Vatican even sent someone to investigate.

#5. Lucille Ball was told to give up acting.

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Her coaches said she wasn’t talented enough to make it.

#6. Rock Hudson had affairs with both of his Giant co-stars.

The rumor was that Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson had a bet to see who could sleep with James Dean first, and apparently Rock won. —bravetyper

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The bi-sexual actor had flings with both Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean.

#7. Elizabeth Taylor once saved someone’s life.

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You already knew she was a badass, but she saved Montgomery Clift’s life after he smashed his face during a car accident. He was choking on his teeth and she pulled them out while they waited for the ambulance.

#8. The boy who voiced Peter Pan died penniless and alone.

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Bobby Driscoll died unclaimed and unidentified in an abandoned apartment building at the age of 31.

#9. Hedy Lamarr invented the precursor to Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi.

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She helped develop a radio guidance system for torpedoes at the beginning of WWII.

#10. Rita Moreno knew how to make Marlon Brando jealous.

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She dated Elvis. As one does.

#11. Joan Crawford became a recluse at the end of her life.

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Why? She was afraid of unflattering photos surfacing like they had once before.

#12. James Dean did a PSA urging young people not to drive recklessly.

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A month later, he died in a car accident.

#13. Audrey Hepburn lived through the German invasion of Holland during WII.

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She survived by eating tulip bulbs.

I’ll never look at their pictures the same!

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