20 Facts About Sharks

Sharks are easily one of the most interesting and talked about animals in the world. Most people tend to fear them due to their monstrous appearance, and the way hollywood presents them. But on the upside, here are 20 of the most fascinating and interesting facts about sharks. There Are Over 400 Species of Sharks Many people tend to think of the hammerhead shark or the great white shark when thinking of sharks as they cannot name many. There are actually over 400 species of sharks in the ocean. There are even sharks that give birth like humans, or even

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One of the least-remembered US Presidents…

One of the least-remembered US Presidents, Millard Fillmore, was effectively sold as a child by his destitute father into a kind of indentured servitude (bordering on child slavery). He eventually bought himself from his master for $30 and walked 100 miles to his home at age 14.

The US were working on a nuclear cruise missile capable…

The US were working on a nuclear cruise missile capable of staying multiple YEARS in the air by pushing air through an open nuclear reactor, heating said air, meanwhile spewing radioactivity everywhere, they even had a working engine, but they abandoned it, deeming it too provocative.